Join our Team

Each Gypsy Fresh team member is immediately welcomed as a part of the team. We call them, Mikos wanting to take care of our customers and each other, work together, create great gypsy soul, good earth fresh food and beverages, brewed, grilled, sautéed and prepared with the freshest ingredients, products, and herbs, in our scratch kitchen, having fun and creating success. Because of our Mikos concentrated focus on genuine hospitality, each Miko can approach our customers with confidence, commitment and a sense of ownership while demonstrating our principles. They are proud to be Gypsy Mikos.

Gypsy Fresh environment requires we are to be focused on top quality, incredible hospitality, and end results, having their fellow Mikos best interest in mind. It is an environment where Gypsy Fresh Mikos are focused on serving and supporting customers, community, and fellow neighbors, with respect, kindness and understanding. Living our core values requires that we deliver on the following eight commitments to Gypsy Fresh Mikos – Our Soul & Culture.

Clear Direction is understanding our core values in detail, knowing what needs to be done, and how to contribute. It is receiving and providing clear and timely communication, and being informed of priorities and change.

Compassion is helping you in difficult circumstances.

Affecting Own Destiny is having opportunity based on your performance, results to grow with Gypsy Fresh future development. Sharing in the Success of Gypsy Fresh is making you an important part of our success and future of your success.

Our keeping these commitments to you is only half of what it takes for us to be successful. The other half comes from you:

  • Self-responsibility is taking ownership for your actions, performance, results and the success of Gypsy Fresh. It is doing what is necessary to learn your job, perform at high standards everyday, especially when no one is looking, self-pride is doing it the right way on your own.
  • Teamwork is understanding you are part of a team and are a serious player in top performance results of food service hospitality operations. It is looking for an opportunity to help where and when needed, asking for help before it too late, self-pride in teamwork, causes poor operations. It is also respectfully challenging each other to be our best – living up to our P&B’s.
  • Doing the Right Thing when no one is looking as a source of self-pride & Gypsy Soul. It’s looking for solutions instead of focusing on the problem, and supporting decisions once they have been made.

Preparation is being well trained, receiving feedback that emphasizes training and understanding the impact of your job on the team’s mutual success. Involvement is taking ownership in your performance and results, being a team player, asking for help, offering your input and ideas, and supporting each customer, co-worker, community and company’s success.

Commitment is learning and practicing our core values and keeping our commitments to our people. It is knowing your job, doing it well, on time and to Gypsy Fresh high standards. Having a good time is celebrating individual and team contributions, helping others and making work fun.

Gypsy Fresh commitments to you and your commitments to our people complete a circle of success that ensures the institution of Gypsy Fresh will take care of itself. Living our core values and delivering on our commitments ensures that Gypsy Fresh is a great place to work, have a career, and drives our goal being:

A great place to work, help others, have Fun and make money.
A source of Comfort and Pride, Successfully Impact their Families & Careers

Because we deliver on these commitments to our customers and connections, they will enjoy Gypsy Fresh Soul and tell their friends and colleagues about us. Our customers and stakeholders hold each of us accountable for delivering on our commitments to them. We will always treat our Gypsy Mikos with respect and understanding.

Fill come fill out an application at 515 N. Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach.