About us


Gypsy Fresh believes in the value of putting our people, our customers, good earth foods, and community connections, first. At the heart of Gypsy Fresh is our foundation of being of service to others, core beliefs, purpose, principles, people development, and goals. 

We Value if we take care of our people & neighbors, then the institution of Gypsy Fresh will take care of itself.

  • people are driven to be part of something they can be proud of, is fun and values them.
  • the sanctity of the individual, diversity, respect, and understanding.
  • that caring for people individually results in their involvement in Gypsy Fresh.
  • working as a team, having shared goals, and supporting the success of the team.
  • that most important function of an organization is our people development, customer engagement, community involvement, and culture are in alignment in their success and to be of unlimited service and support to others.
  • Our Purpose is to prepare our employees to exercise good judgment and live ours and their own core values. This preparation will result in Gypsy Fresh that endures, prospers, and increases their own value and stakeholders. These beliefs and purpose support the organization that guides our success.


  • Authenticity is staying true to our own personality, roots and core values. Coexist in peace and balance to one’s soul. Create a unique environment, recipes, and dining experiences to share in the spirit of unity and diversity.
  • Hospitality is giving for the sake of giving, rather than for the sake of gaining and to be of service beyond what is expected of us. It is sincerely developing people in Gypsy Fresh organization in tangible ways so they can have the same opportunities in food service as others have had.
  • Sharing is inviting people to participate in the fruits of your success. It includes sharing knowledge, leadership, responsibility, and accountability. It is “we” made it happen rather than “I” made it happen – Teamwork.
  • Quality is having a sense of purpose and always working to improve. It is attention to detail, development of others, meeting and exceeding your standards.
  • Success and Fun in your career, in life, celebrating and growing together, enjoy good earth fresh foods, serviced in a relaxing, inviting environment, where you are among friends.
  • Courage is living our principles and meeting our standards with absolute discipline while having an anything goes approach to customers and community. It is being focused on results, sticking to the core of our business, and accommodating the individuality of our people rather than demanding that they accommodate us.

               Stop by to fill out an application: 515 N. Dixie Freeway NSB